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Basic concepts of Vedic Astrology

Astrology has been widely practiced in India, and is often refereed to as Vedic astrology or Hindu astrology. The system of Vedic Astrology originated in the ancient India, and has been documented by different sage in Vedic scriptures. Often regarded as the “Jyotish Vidya” or the “Science of light”, Indian astrology deals with the different patterns of astral lights that supposedly help in determining the destiny of a human being and of the earth in general.

Astrology is a part of science that deals with the effects of the planetary movements on human lives. Astrology relies on astronomy and the planetary positions to give correct predications about the future of an individual based on the accurate position of different planets at a particular time, together with the accurate positions of all the zodiacal start signs. The relation between the start signs and that of the planet is what astrologers take into account for predicting accurately.

The premise of Indian astrology is that it perceives a link between all the things that exist. It suggests that your fortune, which is the “karma” is predetermined by certain cosmic deigns. It takes into account your birth planet and stars and predicts your future according to the same. Also, it tries to establish a link between your karma and your future, stating that the later is based on the former.

There are too many inter-related concepts of Vedic Astrology that can be very difficult to understand. There are charts, natal carts, Jyotish Rashis, dashas and many other aspects that only Indian astrology can explain. It often seems to be a complicated science that has many hidden factors which the common man cannot understand. However, when simplified, the concepts of Indian astrology can be made easier.

There is a subtle difference between the Indian astrology and the Western astrology. While the Indian astrology follows the concept of moving zodiac, Western or Tropical astrology believes in fixed zodiac. This actually leads to differences in calculation, thereby affecting the overall prediction. The truth of these concepts is yet to be validated! But these different cultures have great respect for their individual concepts and so do we.

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