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Indian Perspective on Astrology

The basic of Indian astrology is simple for the ones who actually understand what astrology is all about. Indian astrology is not just about Indian horoscope, but there are so many other factors included in a horoscope that you would find it very difficult to understand what it actually means.

Astrology basically deals with the positions of different bodies and the observation of the same to deduce certain points that signify the relationship of the bodies to Earth and to one another. This actually helps in determining the relative positions of different bodies in correspondence to the Earth and other planets. In order to make these observations much easier to understand, the ancient sages created a rationale method based on 5 primary factors that makes the concepts of Indian astrology.

First, the Rashi or Zodiac signs are used as the fixed background that shares a common relation with all the cosmic bodies. There are 12 Rashi altogether in a circular band with 30 degrees angle between each of them.

Second, is the Nakshatra (s) or the asterism. These help in subdividing the fixed background of the zodiac signs into its smaller parts. in total 27 Nakshatra(s) are used today for prediction.

Third, the Solar System, involving the Sun, Moon and the different Planets. The motion of all these bodies from one point to another in relation to our Earth, keeping the Sun at the center is what is used for creating the Indian horoscope.

Fourth, the different Houses. You can see divides spaces that makes the Houses and each House has a particular meaning to it. There are various calculations involved in determining the Houses and on which house lies your planets and starts. Depending on that, your future will vary.

Fifth and the most important concept is Time. Time is the most important factor that helps in determining everything in life. The time is taken into account for creating an Indian horoscope and it is time that helps in predicting the future too.

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